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An independent Buenos Aires studio, specialized in video animation. We are passionate about what we do, and we love being able to share it. We strategically solve the needs of our clients in order to provide them with creative solutions that enhance their brand´s growth.


Work procces


Quotation and Briefing

No project is the same. We believe each project requires a specific quotation to meet its particular needs and objectives. After understanding the requirements in detail through a Briefing Template Questionnaire and conference calls, we deliver the right quotation for approval and an estimated production schedule with precise times for each deliverable.


Research & Screenplay Alternatives

This is where our video production process starts. After the Briefing Template is complete and product research is done, a Creative Director is assigned to the project to start the writing process. After the stipulated period of time, 2 initial draft video ideas are sent to the client to choose from. After the idea is selected, we allow up to three revisions until the final script is approved.


Character Design & Storyboard

Once the script is final, we start the storyboarding stage. We first design the character and send 2 alternatives for approval. Once the character is finalized we start working on the full color storyboard with a detailed description of action and movement. Again, we allow up to three revisions at this stage.



We give our clients a pool of VO artists to choose from covering a wide range of accents and languages. We offer 2-3 takes from the voice-over artist based on the project requirements, so it is convenient for the client to choose the best option. At this stage, we offer 1 revision and a chance to re-record if needed at no extra cost.


Rigging & Animation

This is the longest and work-intensive stage of the production process. It’s here when characters come to life and the video becomes a strong communication asset. Final graphics are created and animated over the VO and selected stock music. We present an off-line first version to review and make adjustments. Once the off-line is approved we jump to the on-line and to the final video delivery.

Buga team

This is the lovely people supporting our clients' projects


Nico Bugallo

Founder & Director


Majo Galanda

Designer & illustrator


Rocío Alonso

Project Manager


Agustín Viguera

Motiongrapher & illustrator

Motion & design factory

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